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The first step is to establish the direct connection between the Macs. There are several options to choose from. The choice you make is often dictated by what ports you have available on your Macs and also what cabling is available to you. This option will provide the slowest data transfer of all the options but it may be the most convenient. This is because all late model Macs include wireless hardware as do most older models. There's no need to worry about what ports you have or what cables you can find.


The way this works is you create an ad-hoc Wi-Fi network on one Mac and then join that network on the other Mac. This does not require a Wi-Fi router or any cabling whatsoever. Click on the "Network" panel and select "Wi-Fi" in the network connection services list. Now it's time to switch over to your ChronoSync Mac and make sure "Wi-Fi" is enabled by following the above steps.

Do not create a network, however. Instead, you should see the name of the network you just created, above, and you'll want to select it. You have just created an ad-hoc network over the Wi-Fi connection between the two Macs. Here we present the most common wired connection options.

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A wired connection between two Macs will provide much faster data transfers than a wireless connection. The problem is that your Macs might not have all — or any — wired interface ports available to it. Even if your Macs do have the required ports, you will need the proper cable to connect them. In a pinch, you may not have the required cables laying around and running to the store to buy them may not be an option.

That is why a wired connection is typically not as convenient as wireless. Wired Ethernet on modern Macs will provide very fast file transfers — faster than FireWire but slower than Thunderbolt see below. On older Macs, Ethernet may not be faster than the FireWire option. To establish a connection, simply plug a standard Ethernet cable between the two Macs. Click on the "Network" panel and select "Ethernet" in the network connection services list. The screen should look something like the above. Note the self-assigned "IP Address. That's it!

You're done!

How to Connect Two Computers to the same Keyboard, Mouse & Display!

You have now created an ad-hoc network over the Ethernet cable between the two Macs. Determine whether or not your computers have Ethernet ports. Ethernet ports resemble large, rectangular ports which usually have a three-box icon next to them.

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You'll usually find Ethernet ports on one side of your computer's housing laptop or on the back of the tower desktop. On iMac computers, the Ethernet port is found on the back of the monitor. Buy an Ethernet adapter if necessary. If your computer doesn't have an Ethernet port, you'll need to buy a USB Ethernet adapter for your computer.

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You can find these online e. If you have a Mac, check your USB ports as well. You might have only USB-C ports e. Check to see if you have a crossover Ethernet cable. While most Ethernet ports support both conventional Ethernet cables and crossover Ethernet cables, you can avoid potential errors by using a crossover Ethernet cable. To determine whether or not you have a crossover cable, view the colored wires at the end of each side of the cable: If the colors are the same for both ends from left to right, you have a conventional cable.

You can still use this cable for most computers, but if you're connecting older computers to each other, consider buying a crossover cable if you run into issues.

Direct Connections Between Macs

Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into one computer. The Ethernet cable's head should fit into the Ethernet port on your computer with the lever side facing down. Plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into the other computer. The other end of the Ethernet cable should plug into the other computer's available Ethernet port. Again, if you have to use an Ethernet adapter for the other computer, plug it in first. Open Control Panel.

Click Start. Click Network and Internet. It's in the middle of the Control Panel window. Skip this step if you see the phrase "Small icons" or "Large icons" next to the "View" heading in the upper-right corner of the window. Click Network and Sharing Center. You'll find this link near the top of the window. If your Control Panel is using the "Small icons" or "Large icons" view, you'll find Network and Sharing Center on the right side of the page. Click the Advanced sharing settings link.

How to connect two macs using ethernet cable

It's in the upper-left side of the window. Check the "Turn on file and printer sharing" box. You'll find this box in the "File and printer sharing" section of the menu.

Click Save changes. It's at the bottom of the window. Doing so saves your changes and enables file sharing on your PC. Share a folder.

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To allow the connected computer to view and edit the contents of any shared folder, do the following: Open the folder you want to share. Click the Share tab. Click the Specific people Click the downward-facing arrow in the drop-down box, then click Everyone in the resulting drop-down menu. Click Share , then click Done when prompted. Access a shared folder.

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