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  3. MyGunDB: The #1 firearm inventory software for collectors
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  5. See why MyGunDB is the best way to manage your collection by downloading now for free!

Well thought out and simple to use. Great tool for managing firearm collection. Works exactly as described. Should say up front how limited the manufacturers and calibers are. I have not been able to enter a single gun completely. Either the manufacturer or the caliber or both is missing for each of my guns.

To add a manufacturer, go to the companies and people tab, select the plus to add a new entry, then fill in the name and make sure the manufacturer checkbox is checked. Click save and the new entry will be available for use. Calibers can be added from the Settings page in the same manner, click the plus next to caliber types and then type a description and click save. You can see more details here: If you're a collector this is perfect.

I'm using Windows 10 latest version and it works perfectly.

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MyGunDB: The best way to manage your firearm collection

More than I may use but it is there if I need it. It is comprehensive and intuitive as well. App does not work on Windows The app shuts down when I try to make a new entry. I hope the seller will help find a correction for this problem.

Firearms Inventory

Very little to no instructions on how to use. Includes Unknown as a type and this remains in the list of firearms unless deleted and then system will always crash after that when the Items icon is clicked. This app has a lot of potential but needs a LOT of work before it becomes useful. Thanks for the review, I can confirm that deleting the Unknown type will crash the database.

I appreciate the feedback and will work on a fix. I use this software personally and since I also wrote it, I don't always recognize when it's unintuitive or lacking in features.

MyGunDB: The #1 firearm inventory software for collectors

Please let me know if you have further suggestions on how to improve the app. This just closes when you try to add inventor or even try to just aces it. It would be good if you could use it but as it is it is completely useless. From what I can see, it's a simple program that should handle all reasonable firearm inventory needs.

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Explore it a bit and you'll see how to add manufacturers, categories and so on. The big problem I have is that it won't run more than about 60 seconds before erring off. Windows log extract: Fault bucket , type 0 Event Name: Not available Cab Id: App P3: Not very helpful to me, but perhaps the developer is checking from time to time and can make use of it. Since long ago all collections, including weapon collections, have been organized manually. Many people continue collecting weapons and managing items in the same way in spite of the fact that contemporary conditions provide better opportunities.

There are technical means that were not affordable for collectors many years ago. Make the challenging tasks easier when you collect weapons. Use LignUp Multi Collector for this purpose. If you collect weapons of various kinds, including guns, do not ignore information about this gun inventory software that turns collections of rare weapon items into the real art! Without appropriate organization you do not actually have a collection. This is just a heap of valuable and rare stuff but no more than that. Therefore, all collectors pay special attention not only to the search and acquisition of new items but to the way they are presented and displayed.

If you use software, you can track all arriving information about the subject of your interest with no effort on your part.

Inventory for guns collectors.

Take advantage of the opportunity to organize your collectibles into a system in order not only to display them, but to present the most comprehensible information about your items. Here are just a handful of the features you get with this app: Access from any iOS device any time!

View your collection as you'd see it on a wall.

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All of our data is user driven so correct it as need and it will fix it for everyone! Check out other apps by Sort It!

See why MyGunDB is the best way to manage your collection by downloading now for free!

Apps to manage most any collection you own. I have tried multiple boxes of ammunition from different companies and the app has failed to recognize a single box of ammo.

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  • I would attempt to contact the developer however inside the app they state that they receive hundreds of letters weekly and will not be able to respond to you personally. Not too bad of an app but there are a couple of things that would make it a 5 star. There needs to be a prompt added to the back button when entering new stock. If you back out too far you lose all data for the particular item.

    Pictures need to be added to the export function of this program. How secure is this for online usage? Not good feeling knowing that someone could hack into your database and copy serial 's and other info!!!! Very helpful app, I've got a ton of inventory that I want to keep track of and this was perfect.