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  1. Mick Fleetwood on Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Overlooked’ Smash ‘Mirage’
  2. Review: Fleetwood Mac - Music - The Austin Chronicle

Mick Fleetwood on Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Overlooked’ Smash ‘Mirage’

Mirage nixed any suggestion that intra-band drama was their sole animating force, and flourished in the emotional void they occupied: Fleetwood released The Visitor in June. Her blousy mystique was the antithesis of his uptight theme, and to dent his fragile ego further, it had been validated by serious men: Harris observed communal meals eaten in silence.

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The drug intake exceeded even that of Tusk , according to co-producer Ken Caillat. Buckingham tossed off his songs in under two months.

Review: Fleetwood Mac - Music - The Austin Chronicle

Love and happiness become an illusion, an unattainable idyll only accessible to the gods: Yet Mirage has a sunny desperation. Buckingham in particular is hell-bent on leaping back several decades to escape all this mess: Nicks also mainlines nostalgia, though hers is motivated more by loss than bitterness.

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  7. Buckingham is always attempting to harness his overheated energy to open up some kind of tear in the fabric of time and space, to step through and rediscover innocence. Nicks, though, conveys the sad wisdom of someone who knows you can never go home again. Mirage pools the procedural sound of drug-addled and otherwise preoccupied souls, mostly making music because they have to. Considering 's Tusk , a Lindsey Buckingham-led double LP experiment that sold only 4 million copies, was considered a commercial failure, the band attempted to recapture Rumours ' preceding magic.

    After a yearlong hiatus following the Tusk tour, Buckingham launched his solo career with 's middling Law and Order , but Stevie Nicks had become a solo star, garnering multi-platinum success with Bella Donna , a star-studded affair.

    FLEETWOOD MAC - MIRAGE (2016 Expanded 2 CD Remaster)

    In a group of equals, the perceptional pecking order suddenly became clear. Per their usual dysfunction, the band would even sink to physical altercations during recording, not to mention the video-making of "Gypsy" and Christine McVie-penned U.

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