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  1. I Got Foundation-Matched at 5 Different Beauty Counters, and Here's What I Learned
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  3. I Got Foundation-Matched at 5 Different Beauty Counters, and Here's What I Learned - Glamour

Here's a look at the five different foundations they matched me with, from left to right shot on my hand so it's easier to see the difference: Foundation doesn't need to be applied all over your face. For years, I've been okay with wearing foundation only in the middle of my face.

I felt sufficiently covered with just that amount. So when MAC makeup artist Ashley DiSarro explained that your forehead doesn't always need foundation since it's often darker and more even-toned than the rest of the face, I felt more than a little smug.

I Got Foundation-Matched at 5 Different Beauty Counters, and Here's What I Learned

It turns out that your chin and the area around your nose are more prone to redness, so you should cover that up first, before laying down more product. And speaking of redness, Sephora pro artist David Razzano explained that surface redness, which I have a lot of due to my seasonal allergies and my love of Retin-A , shouldn't be confused with your actual skin tone. It's worth taking the extra time to use a foundation-matching tool. How it works: That information then helps the consultant narrow down your best foundation shade. Oh, and did I mention that both services are free?

The brush you use can change the finish of the formula.


I wasn't surprised that none of the experts applied my foundation with their fingers—too streaky, they said—but I was intrigued by how some used synthetic and others used natural-bristled brushes. Turns out that the synthetic bristles on a traditional foundation brush deposit more product, leading to fuller coverage. Natural bristles, meanwhile, soak up some of the formula so the effect is sheerer.

So by switching up the brush you can get two different looks. Just make sure you don't accidentally make one of these major makeup brush mistakes. I walked away from my experiment with a new appreciation of makeup artistry. Msg and data rates may apply. Please be aware that ingredient lists may change or vary from time to time.

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Please refer to the ingredient list on the product package you receive for the most up to date list of ingredients. Makeup Services Stores Events.

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Free Returns! You are currently signed in as: Reset customer. Overview Details Swatches Shade Names. Full Coverage Foundation. Full Description This smooth, blendable formula was developed for the professional makeup artist who wants an emollient-based foundation with full coverage.

I Got Foundation-Matched at 5 Different Beauty Counters, and Here's What I Learned - Glamour

Water-resistant and long-wearing, it can cover most scars, blemishes and birthmarks. Available in a wide rage of colours, the cream cake can achieve sheer coverage by applying a small amount using a moist sponge, or full coverage by stippling it on using a dry sponge. Compatible with latex and other special effects synthetics. Here are four of our favourites, with excellent shade ranges. They don't scrimp on samples either, offering as many shades or formulas as you'd like to test. We also love that the brand's Double Wear Stay-in-Place makeup comes in a broad 31 shades.

If you don't find the right one right away, they offer free returns as well as the free delivery!

On their website and Facebook page the brand hosts a 'Find Your Perfect Match' quiz with tips to help identify your skin colour and then tone and pair it to your preferred formula. You can then download a voucher to receive a customised "deluxe" foundation sample in store. Their on-counter experts also take education very seriously and will give you a free 'make-under' to get your started.

A foundation that's both water-resistant and long-wearing with opaque coverage.

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